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What opportunities do I have with the portal content?

Only show club groups by default
The group overview page will only show groups created within your own portal by default. Want to know how to create a group? Click here.

Only show club challenges by default
The challenges overview page will only show challenges created within your own portal by default. Want to know how to create a club challenge? Click here.

Clients and Staff 
Automatically make all new members PRO 
All new clients added in the clients' app will automatically be marked PRO-members, so they will get immediate access to all PRO-features. Read here what you can do with the PRO-memberships for your clients.

Auto-invite newly added clients 
New clients will get an invite e-mail once they've been added to the system. 

Connected Devices

  • Enable NEO Health Pulse heart rate tracker
  • Enable NEO Health One activity tracker
  • Enable Neo Health Onyx body composition monitor

If you would like your clients to be able to use NEO products, you can choose to enable any of these. They can then connect them to their app. Want to know more about the NEO products that we offer? Click here.   

Add calories burned with activities to the nutrition plan
If you would like your members to be able to connect their calories burned to their nutrition app to help them with their calories counting 

Workout plans 
Clients can create workout plans 
If you want your clients to be able to create training plans themselves, check this box. If you don't want that your clients can create training plans, then don't check this box. 

Clients are able to see:
- All workout plans. Clients can see and use all workout plan.
- Default Virtuagym and club workout plans. Clients can see the workout plans of Virtuagym and the club workout plans. Want to know how to create a training schedule? Click here.
- Only club workout plans. Clients only see club workout plans. 
- No workout plans. Clients cannot see or use workout plans. 

In addition, you have the possibility to disable entire user apps for your members. Maybe you don't want your clients to access the body metrics app, or you don't want to show the schedule yet. When you disable the app, clients will not be able to access it and it will completely disappear from their system. Please note that this can only be done on a general level; if you disable the app for one member, you disable it for everyone.

You can also choose which Apps are set as default for the client. Those apps will appear in the menu in the taskbar of the client. Clients can change these apps themselves and decide which ones they want to see in their taskbar.

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