Financial | How to credit an invoice?

It may happen that an invoice in your system is not correct or that you want to make changes to the invoice after it has been finalized. Subsequently, you will have to credit your invoice.

Why can't I delete my invoice?
If you have already processed your invoice and the invoice has an invoice number, you are no longer able to delete your invoice. If you need to search for an old invoice, but it has been deleted you will no longer be able to retrieve the invoice. Also, if you delete your invoice, you will have a missing invoice and order number. 

To credit an invoice, you will have to go to the Financial Module and find the relevant invoice.  When you click on Options, you will find the possibility to Credit an invoice. 


As soon as you Credit an invoice, a Credit Invoice is automatically generated. Please note that you will always have to process the Credit invoice in the system to settle the outstanding amount. 


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