Where can I find statistics about the schedule activities?

When you're working with the schedule in Virtuagym, it makes sense you would like to have some statistics to check out about the amount of participants and occupancy. 

You can find these statistics in the clients and staff app, under "classes". Here you can filter on either "amount of participants" or "occupancy". Now you will see the statistics based on the instructor of the class. You can decide which coaches you want to see in the statistics. Next to that, you can choose whether you want to see the monthly, weekly or last 30 days of statistics. 

For now, it's only possible to filter by instructor. Soon, we will add a lot of extra filters and possibilities to have a lot more statistics to look at.

If you want to have a clear overview of how many clients went to each class for a specific period, you can create an export of your schedule. More information about that can be read here

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