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The first page your clients will see when they log into your portal, is the community. This is the main page of your portal. Here you can do several things to personalize the page.

Edit group information
You can change the title and description of the group here, as well as decide if your clients can post messages on your group or only employees. You can also change the logo for the page and set a background for the header.

Post messages
You can choose to post messages on your portal for all of your clients to see. Your clients will receive an email that a new message has been added. Maybe you can write a blog, post a workout or a nice, healthy recipe. It's up to you!

Create a poll
To make the community even more interactive, you can create a poll asking people's opinion about a certain subject. Maybe you can start up a discussion in the message-section about the subject and see what people have to say about it!

Check the leaderboard
On the leaderboard, you can choose to look at how your clients are doing. You'll see their amount of Fitness Points (that they receive after doing challenges, exercises or fill in other information on their profile) calories and minutes they've been training over a certain period. Some clubs attach bonuses to this list. For example, every month the top 3 people get a free massage or training session.

Create a challenge
Of course you can create personal challenges to have people reach their goals, but you can also make it more interactive by creating a club challenge. This way, all your clients can participate together and motivate each other to reach their goal. They can have a personal goal or a goal that can only be reached if everyone participates.

Create a special group
If you decide to keep the main community closed for messages from your clients, you can choose to create a special group for your clients to communicate. This group works exactly the same as your main community and can be found underneath groups on the main page.

Of course it's completely up to you how much time you want to spend on this app, but as you can see, the possibilities are endless! 

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