Can I make an export of the schedule?

A feature in the system is the export function of the schedule. If you go to the app schedule, choose a schedule you want to export. 

Bottom right of your schedule, you can click on options, there you can choose to export schedule, and you can give a date. When you click on download, an Excel file will be downloaded to your computer. 

What is in this this export?

- column A shows which schedule it is.

- In column B, you see the date of the schedule activity

- In column C and D, you can see the start and end time.

- Column E shows you the activity.

- Column F shows the instructor.

- Column G shows the number of participants.

- Column H shows the maximum number of participants.

- In column I, you see which clients took part in the event.

This export is useful for the administration, so you can keep track of which customer is or has not been present at a particular schedule event.

You can also choose to filter what you want to see before making an export. If you go to the top right of the page, you will be able to choose a filter for a specific coach, class or member. You can use this function to check how many clients a certain coach has been training over the last 30 days.  


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