Nutrition | I can't find the nutrition App on my portal

In our system, you can create anonymous or general training plans, without attaching them to your clients. This way, you can create standard club plans, that your clients can attach to themselves.

This does not work the same way for the nutrition plans. Since the system uses a lot of personal information about the client to create a nutrition plan, you cannot create general ones. That is why the nutrition app is not available as a separate app for you as an employee. What you will need to do to is go to the coaching app, choose the client for whom you want to create a nutrition plan and click on "new nutrition plan" or the green button in their coaching profile. 


If you just want to check out what the nutrition part looks like without immediately creating a nutrition plan for a client, you can switch your own account from employee to personal. Now, you will have nutrition as a separate app and you can create your own personal nutrition plan and keep track of your food in the nutrition diary. 

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