Contracts | Suspend a contract

In Virtuagym it's possible to suspends contracts, for example, if a client goes on a holiday, is injured or is gone for a long time. You can give the client a period of suspension. 

In the Clients & Staff App, go to the relevant client and click on the Products tab. Click on the membership you want to suspend. In the top right corner you will see a dropdown that says "Options," from there select "Suspend Contract." 


It opens a window where you can fill in the start date, end date of the suspension and the reason. Also, you can indicate whether the suspension of a contract involves costs.


After this you can see that the suspension is added. 


If you look at the contract end date, you see that it has moved 15 days forward. 

Please note that the discount and/or costs of the suspension are calculated when the next invoice is created. Also the end date of the contract is automatically updated. 



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