How do I pause a client's contract?

1. Go to the Clients and Staff Module

You'll find it in the main menu. You'll end up in the Client Overview.

2. Select a client

3. Go to the Products tab

4. Select the contract you want to pause

5. Pause the contract


Click on "Pause contract" under the Options dropdown (the three vertical dots) in the Contract agreements section.


Fill in the required information:

  • Start date of the pause
  • End date of the pause
  • Reason of the pause

Optional: cost of the pause

About contract pause: 


  • A separate invoice for the same amount of the cost (if indicated) will be generated.
  • Once the pause starts, the contract end date of the contract will be extended in the same amount of the pause duration. Also, “invoiced until” date will be extended the same amount. That means that in total the contract will have the same duration that before the pause and, as a consequence, the club/personal trainer will receive the same total amount of money for the contract.



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