Workouts | How do I delete a workout plan for my client?

If you have assigned a workout plan to your client and would like to clear it out of your client's activity calendar, you need to delete it from the Workout module. Follow these steps:

1. Go to your side-bar menu and select Coach > My Clients.

2. Choose the client.

3. Click on the pink "workouts" icon at the top of your screen.

4. Under "Type", choose "plans used by me".

5. Your client's workout plan(s) should now show up. Choose "remove from calendar".

Please know that by doing this, the entire workout plan will be deleted, also past days and exercises. If you don't want to delete the days and exercises your client has already done, you will need to delete the future days manually through your client's activity calendar.  

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    Felipe Trama

    Os treinamentos utilizados por meus clientes não aparecem mais quando seleciono "planos usados por mim", e desse modo fica muito mais demorado excluir as sessões de treino de meus alunos.