Activity Calendar | How to add a custom made activity

Our database includes over 4000 animated exercises, that you can search for by using the filters in the plan editor. 

If there is an activity you are missing in the system, you can always add it yourself. Go to the exercise app > plan editor > add exercise. At the bottom left of the screen, you will see a black bar with white letters that says "can't find it? Click here to add it". 

Clicking on this link will open up a new tab. Here, you are able to fill out all the details of the exercise. Always choose a name, and think about whom you want to make the exercise visible for. If it's a standard one, you can make it available for the entire Virtuagym community, but if it's just for you and your clients, you can make it visible for only your clients/employees.

Don't forget to tick the box "advanced options" if you want to add things like the duration, intensity or instructions. 

Next to that, you have the possibility to add your own picture or even a video. This video must be hosted on YouTube. Don't forget to include a thumbnail and icon for in the activity calendar. 

Once you save the activity, you will be able to find it in the activity database through the plan editor or activity calendar. If you've added a video, this will start playing when you open up the activity, both on the online platform and the mobile app.

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