Can I somehow display the Virtuagym schedule on my website?

Yes you can! You can find a code to embed on your website in the Business Settings. If you embed this into your website, the schedule will be displayed and automatically readjusted to your website's resolutions. You can even change the colors, to make sure they match with your website.

To find the link go to your Business Settings app and click on Schedule Settings. Click on the name of a certain schedule. Click the "Advanced" button and scroll to the bottom of the page. Copy the link from the box "Embed Code" and apply it to your website!



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    Shelley Murray

    Having the calendar visible on my website is only vaulable if it somehow syncs in real time AND allows clients to book directly through it. Having a static, non-syncing calendar may be useful for a gym, but it certainly isn't for a personal trainer or coach who works with clients one on one. For us the point of the calendar is to show clients our session availability, not just a list of "classes."