System Settings | Using credits in memberships

When you create a membership, you have the option to add credits to it. Credits can be used to either put a restriction on the membership or to add a little extra. 

What you need to do before adding credits to your memberships, is make sure you have all the services you offer added under "Credits" in the System Settings.  Some service examples are:

- personal training session

- bootcamp

- tanning session

- group session 

Once you have added your services, they will appear under the section "credits". 

An example for using credits: If you have a membership that gives 1 personal training session per week, and 2 group sessions a month, you can use credits for this.


Once this membership is assigned to a client, they will receive 1 personal training credit each week and 2 group session credits per month. In the Credit Distribution you can decide when the credits will be assigned to your client. You can manually deduct or add credits for your administration. If you have attached credits to scheduled activities and you book a client for one of those activities, the credits will be deducted automatically.

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