Access Control | Installation and use RFID Reader

Approximated time: 15-20 min

Step 1: Make sure you have the right RFID Reader

The RFID Reader (the scanner) has to meet all of these conditions:

- PC/SC (This is the middleware standard that our software uses)

- Reader must support MiFare cards (13.56MHz).

For more information about the specifications check this article.


Step 2: Check the connection between RFID-reader and computer

To install the RFID Reader, connect the reader to your PC via the USB input. Make sure the RFID Reader is found, by checking this in Device Manager > Smartcard Readers.

Step 3: Activate smart card service

Open services.msc (Windows start menu -> search for services.msc)

  • In the list of services, look for ‘Smart Card’

  • Right-click and go to properties


  • Under ‘startup type’, select Automatic
  • Under Service Status, press Start
  • Click Apply and OK


Step 4: Installing the Check-in-client on the PC

Use this file to install the software. When the download is finished, launch the application, there will first be shown a pop-up telling you that there should be a reader added, click OK.

Step 5: Create a check-in connection in your portal

- Go to your portal > Business Settings > Connections.

- Create a new Check-in setting.

- Save the new check-in and open it again. Now a connection key will be available.



For more information about the check-in settings, read this article.

Note: if you have a desk scanner and port scanner (Turnstile), create two check-in settings. The 1st you name 'Desk' and the 2nd name your 'Turnstile'.

Note 2: most probably your gym is going to work with credits. If you want that a credit deducts from the account of a client, check the box 'use credit on check-in'. When you work with two scanners, check this option only with the Turnstile.

Step 6: Configure check-in client

Go to the taskbar bottom right of the screen, right-click on the orange check-in client icon, and open the settings.


In the settings, you can add a new reader by clicking on 'add new'.


Give your reader a name, for example, 'counter' and select the reader under 'card reader'. Add the check-in key (you can find the check-in key in your business settings > connections > check-in settings) and click on 'ok' and on 'restart program'. 


Step 7: Scan a card to test if it is working

When successful a window should pop up like the image below.

Step 8: Troubleshooting

  • You can always try to restart the check-in client when it is not working properly. Click here to see how to restart the check-in client. 



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