Clients & Staff | How can I send all my members an email?

Virtuagym does not support mass-email, however, we have a handy tip in order to achieve this.

It is possible to export your client list to excel or as a CSV file. This document will include your clients' email addresses. This information can be transferred to a program like MailChimp (free up to 2000 receivers) to send a company newsletter.

To export your client list, go to the Client and Staff module > Client Overview and scroll to the bottom of the page. 




Virtuagym allows you to communicate with your clients in two other ways. Firstly, you can send a direct message through your inbox (up to 25 clients at a time). See image below

Secondly, you can also post messages, photos, and videos on your community page for all your clients to see. The community page works very much like a Facebook homepage.


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