Which info comes in your Virtuagym app when you connect an app through Apple Health or Google Fit?

You can connect apps like Runkeeper and Strava to your Virtuagym app by making a connection with the health app on your phone. Apple Health for iOs, Google Fit for Android. These health apps are by default on your mobile device.

Apps like Runkeeper and Strava are closed platforms, which means we are limited in the data we can pull to your Virtuagym account. Below you find an overview of the info we can pull to Virtuagym.


At the moment we don't insert any data to the Apple Health app, but we can pull the following data from your Apple Health app:

- Steps
- Walking and running distance
- Workouts

Most iOS devices automatically track steps the entire day. These steps are saved in the Apple Health app with a specific duration. Our Fitness app reads the amount of steps and creates a Virtuagym steps activity which is added to your activity calendar. 

Walking and running distance
Just like the steps, the walking and running distance is also tracked by default on most iOS devices. When Virtuagym pulls the distance data from the Apple Health app it will always be added to an existing (Apple Health app) step activity. On top of that, we make an estimation for the amount of burned calories and walking duration based on the distance and average walking speed. 
Workouts can also be pulled from the Apple Health app. Workouts are not tracked by default by an iOS device, but they can be inserted into the Apple Health app by other apps. Other apps can specify a workout type, amount of calories burned, distance and duration for a workout. The Virtuagym app is able to pull most of the different workout types from the Apple Health app and will add them to your activity calendar.
By connecting Google Fit with Virtuagym we can pull the following activities and place them in your activity calendar:
- Walking
- Running
- Cycling
- Swimming
The following information can be saved as info with the saved activities:
- Amount of steps
- Duration
- Distance
- Average speed
- Burned calories
We cannot send information to Google Fit. When an app has a connection with Google Fit, this doesn't mean that all information will automatically be send to the Virtuagym app. This only happens when this app sends information to Google Fit. 
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