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Not everyone always checks their email. But you can be sure they check their phones when it buzzes. Those popups on your start screen that say someone commented on your Facebook post? That's a push notification, and it's now available in the Virtuagym app. 


Set your default Push Notifications! 

As a club, you can set default settings for push-notifications, that you want your clients to receive. These settings are automatically transferred as default settings to your clients. You can set your default push notifications in System Settings > Notifications Settings. 

Your clients will also be able to change what kind of push notifications they receive in the app. By default, they will have the club settings and as long as they never overwrite any setting the club settings will be used. It is important to note, that when an end user decides to overwrite the club settings, the club does not have any influence on the client’s push notification settings anymore. 

As a club manager, you can create default settings for which notifications your clients receive by going to business settings > notification settings. For every type of message, you can select if your clients should receive an email, a push notification, both, or neither.

Please note! The push notifications are visible after the client updated his mobile app to the latest version. So don't disable the email notifications yet.  

Virtuagym currently supports notifications for. 

  • Community notifications, such as likes, new achievements and message and reply notifications
  • Scheduling notifications, including booking confirmations and waiting list notifications

In the notification center, you can set 2 types of push notifications by default per schedule. 


As well as for the community several push notifications are available. 


Next to that, your clients can change their personal notification settings themselves by going to settings > notifications in their mobile app. 




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