Changes in invoice date

With the introduction of Pro Forma invoices, an adjustment has been made on the way the dates are displayed in the invoice itself and in the overview of invoices.

The invoice date, on the top left of the invoice, is now always the date on which the invoice was turned final. 

Especially for invoices of memberships this is a big change. Where before the invoice date was the start date of the new membership period, it is now always the creation date of the final invoice.


Next to that, the book date has been changed, which can now be found in each individual product on the invoice. 

This date is always...

... For Membership invoices: the startdate of the membership period

... For Point of Sale invoices: the date the product is sold

... For Manual invoices: the date of creating the invoice

This date will never change, while the invoice date gets decided once the Pro Forma invoice is turned final.

Important to realise

Because the invoice date & book date have been switched around, it's possible that the invoicing for next month will be moved to the month before. This will happen to for example the monthly debiting, when you debit your clients on the 25th of each month for the memberships of next month. These invoices will now get the invoice date of the 25th, where before they would get the invoice date of the first of the next month. This could result in a double amount of invoices in one month, because for the last debiting round the invoices were still set on the first of that same month. This will only occur once of course.


On April 1st, 2017 all invoices for the membership period May were created. Because our system was not using Pro Forma at that time, the invoice date for all these invoices were set to May 1st.

In April, we've moved to Pro Forma meaning that the invoice date for all invoices are now set to the creation date of the invoice.

This means that somewhere in May 2017 (according to the period setting chosen by you in every membership) all invoices for the membership period June will be created with an invoice date in May. You might not immediately make these invoices final, which means the invoice date is also not yet final. However, it's very well possible that you will send out these invoices before the first of June, for example on May 25th. By doing so, you will make the invoices and therefore the invoice date final, resulting in the following:

The invoices for membership period May have the invoice date 1st of May
The invoices for membership period June have the invoice date 25th of May

This means a double amount of invoices in the month of May, resulting in double taxes over that month.

The invoices for the month of July will then be created in June, meaning this double invoices issue will only occur once.

Would you like to prevent this from happening? You could wait to make the invoices final until the first of the next month (in the example above June 1st), so the invoices will be dated in the same month as the memberships are for.
Do please note that since the invoices for the month of July will be created in June, you would need to do the same "trick" every month to prevent those double invoices. We therefore highly recommend for you to let the double invoices happen as soon as possible, making sure you don't have to do extra work every month.


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