Credit changes made to a membership didn't apply to the client(s) with the said membership.

You may have edited the credits associated with a membership but noticed that those changes haven't been applied to clients who have already been using that particular membership.

This can happen if the membership hasn't been modified correctly and to correct you have 2 options:

Option 1

  • Depending on your desired outcome, you can edit the number of credits associated with that membership which once saved will be applied to those clients that are newly assigned the membership.


Option 2

Alternatively, if you would like the credit changes to be applied to clients who are being assigned the membership for the first time and for clients who are already using the membership you must modify the membership by doing the following:

  • First, disable the credits by unchecking the box, similar to the one in the image below, from there save the membership with the credits deactivated.  

  • Since you've saved the membership, you can reopen and edit it. Now, enter the number of credits you want to be associated with the membership and save the membership with the changes.

Now you can assign the modified membership to your clients. You will see that the new credits have been applied to the clients to whom you have assigned the membership for the first time and also to the clients who were already using it.

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