Online Payments | Setting up EzyPay New Zealand

Start with your payment 

As soon as you've created an account, go to Business Settings > Payments in Virtuagym. Here, under "available payment providers", you can tick the box EzyPay. Under "Ezypay Api Key", enter the "Ezypay API Key" and your "Ezypay business reference" that is attached to your EzyPay account. Save it. 

Now you can go to your financial app, find any invoice and under options at the top right of your screen, click on "email including pay-link". This will send the invoice as a PDF to the client, with the link to EzyPay to immediately pay the outstanding amount. 

If you want to email more than 1 invoice to clients, you can select multiple invoices from the invoice overview. Select all the invoices, click top left on options, and click on "Email including pay-link". Now, all invoices including the payment link will be sent to your clients. 

When clients open the email, and click on the payment link, they are redirected to the EzyPay payment options. It depends on which payment options you've chosen, for EzyPay 'Bank Transfer' and 'Credit Card' are the most common. Clients can choose their payment method, and fill in their information and do their first payment. 

When the payment of the client goes through, this is automatically updated in Virtuagym.


Recurring payment

When the first payment is successful, the next payment can be executed via the Virtuagym portal. 
If you have multiple invoices that you have to execute, you can select these invoices in the overview, click on options, and then on 'execute online payment'. 

Once you've clicked on this, the selected invoices will turn green. This means, that the invoices are in process, and that the payment is added. The invoices are processed one by one. It can be, that if the page is refreshed, not all invoices are processed (especially when you have more then 50 invoices). Please be patient, and give the system time to process all the invoices. There is a que running in the background that will make sure all selected invoices are paid. 
If the payment is successful, the invoice status is set to paid, and the creditcard payment is added. 
Failed payments

To make sure all requirements are set up to process payments with Virtuagym correctly, you will need to make some changes in the EzyPay dashboard. This especially has to be set up to see failed payments. Without adding these settings, the status always shows as SUCCESS even if EzyPay shows they are not. 

Go to your EzyPay dashboard and click on the Settings icon at the top right:

In this list of options, choose "Developer Centre":

On this page, under Webhooks, choose the event Resolve Outstanding Payment: 

For the URL, take the following URL:

Make sure to update “clubdomain” to your portal’s subdomain. So for example:

Click on "Add Event"

Then, make sure to add the second event, “Failed Debit”. Use the following URL:

And make sure to change “clubsubdomain” to your portal’s URL again like this example:

Click on "Add Event" again.

That’s it! You’re set up to process invoices through Ezypay with Virtuagym!






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